FBReader for Android 2.7.8

Simple and fast e-book reader


  • Allows you to search for any word or phrase
  • Rotates pages if needed


  • Cannot open basic files such as PDF
  • No possibility to annotate books


E-books are a great way to carry around a huge amount of literature that would prove impractical in physical terms.

However, the perennial question with e-book readers is which one is best for your needs? FBReader for Android makes reading e-books that bit more comfortable by making letters more readable, allowing you to navigate contents and indexes much more easily and generally enhance your reading experience.

Probably the biggest benefit of FBReader though is the ability to search and find any phrase or subject no matter how many pages are in your book. Although this is a very common function in many applications, it's something that many e-book readers don't include for some strange reason, but FBReader does. In addition, if you should need to read a page upside down (why you would I'm not sure) you can rotate pages 270 degrees.

FBReader is a very easy to use e-book reader for your Android device, which improves your reading experience and makes searching texts fast and simple.



FBReader for Android 2.7.8

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